Looking for a waterproofing, damp proofing and  sealant expert? Well look no further! Waterproofing Bristol has you covered. We’re a father and son industry team with over 50 years’ experience. We have a motto. If we can’t seal you don’t pay us today!

About Waterproofing Bristol

Founded by Bradley Lawson in 1985. We have decades of waterproofing experience providing full waterproofing services such as penetrating sealers, traffic coatings, caulking, water blasting, expansion joint systems and acrylic coatings just to name a handful. We have built a reputation in Bristol as the ‘go to’ waterproofing and damp proofing company.

Today the company is run by Bradley Lawson Jr who entered the trade at only 15 years old almost 20 years ago. Bradley Lawson Sr has retired in recent years. His son has taken over and was taught by the best, his father. He brings the same high level of standards that allow the company to still remain as one of the most sought out waterproofing businesses in Bristol.

We perform our services no matter the sector. Be it residential, commercial or industrial. Be it a new, existing or even a renovation style service. We cover anything and everything that is required. You can trust us to be the company that delivers on their promises. We have a large team of 12 contractors providing us with the man power to tackle any job and not only meet time and budget deadlines but to actually bet them!


We are a leading name in the specialised contracting field of waterproofing and restoration for commercial, industrial, retail and even residential. We are a name you can trust in Bristol with over 50 years’ combined experience in the field.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for acrylic coating, damp proofing, traffic or pedestrian coating, water repellents, concrete masonry, bituminous waterproofing or store and brick sealants. We are the team for the job.

Perhaps you need your renovation, new or existing home waterproofed? We can cover decks, balconies, and flat roofs. There is no other system that breathes, flexes, bonds or wears likes our, on the planet. When we say water stays out it’s adios baby as that water stays out!

We have a specialised system we have developed over the last 20 years that is unparalleled. Other waterproofing companies or damp proofing Bristol companies go about their trade in a different manner and can’t catch up.

Our Philosophy

Bradley Lawson Sr came up with a simple philosophy nearly 40 years ago that still rings true within the company today – “Done Right the First Time!”.

The motto has served the company well for over 4 decades. If you want the job done right give us a call and we will give you a waterproofing free estimate.



Our mission is very simple.

To provide you with the most professional service using skilled contractors at a reasonable price. While ensuring that we keep the human element at hand making sure to keep an open line of communication with you the customer. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you to discuss your project needs.

Waterproofing Matters

Have you ever know a friend who had a basement flooded? It is estimated that over 80% of British homes will have their basement flooded at one point or another in the life cycle of the property.

When it comes down to getting the water out it’s not as simple as pumping it out. Without a proper waterproofing system in place before the flood took happened the property could end up with critical structural damage that can cost tens of thousands to fix! And sometimes insurance companies don’t pay up! Imagine footing that bill!

Wouldn’t it be a better idea to buy your own insurance policy and have you basement correctly waterproofed? We think so. Call Waterproofing Bristol today for a free quote and estimate.

Is It Leaking?

Imagine being able to stop massive water damage like magic. What if you had someone come to your property to do a quick and reasonably priced inspection?

Wouldn’t that be a worthwhile investment? Waterproofer Bristol thinks so!

This is one of our new services that we’re now product to offer. We can generally have someone out to see you the same day. Just imagine you if you had something that was just not quite right and was left unattended that causes massive water damage.

In a few year’s time you’ll be kicking yourself that for £100 you could have found out about the issues with our inspection service.

That’s ten to twenty five times less than the insurance excess you’ll potentially pay if water damage does actually take place and you had to claim on insurance.

Waterproofing is worth it! There is no doubt about it! And if you do need some repair work done we will deduct the £100 from you project cost. We are the go to company for damp proofing Bristol!

Why Waterproofing Bristol

It’s quite simple really. We have over 50 years of combined experience in the field of water proofing and restoration. Just ask out past clients by reading some of our testimonials. Not to sell ourselves or brag but…

We have a job done once motto. Poor quality water proofing work means the work will needs to be redone correctly three to six months down the track.

We see what others don’t! We deal with residential, commercial, retail and industrial. Our level of experience far outweighs what a solo tradesmen who just works on residential property can see. Do you really want to risk massive structural damage to save a few bucks?

We offer a free check-up service. After 12 months you can give us a call and most of the time within a day we will have one of our team members come out to you and do a free assessment to ensure the waterproofing work that was done by us in the past is still intact. And we will advise you on anything that needs to be done.

We are fast! Our clients tell mention this all the time. We get projects completed 25% faster than the industry standard.

We only use industry standard protective coatings. This includes our own special formulation. Some companies use cheap Chinese alternatives. Not us. Our work is guaranteed to last. When we say it’s been waterproofed it means exactly that and no water is ever going to even have a chance of getting in!